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How to choose the best solar panel?

The sun is an alternative source of energy, which the residents of our country have become increasingly interested in.

Whatever solar panels are, they will perform their main function – to generate electricity, accumulating it from nature itself.

With the fact that there are more and more manufacturers of solar generators, their cost is gradually decreasing. Thanks to this, they are becoming available to more people.

In order not to depend on centralized power outages in private homes, weighing all the pros and cons, many choose this promising technology for themselves.

How to determine which solar panels are better? How to choose the appropriate model you will learn from this article.

So, let’s begin.

What are the best solar panels in terms of performance?

best solar panel


Panel efficiency is one of the main criteria for the efficiency of conversion of solar energy into electricity. The higher the efficiency, the better the performance of the module. The maximum efficiency factor (44.7%) was developed by German scientists. It is a kind of benchmark for other manufacturers. However, it is possible to use a module with an efficiency factor in the range of 10-20% for amateur purposes.

Panel type

Today, solar panels are divided into two groups:

  1. Silicon panels are among the most popular in the world. Their share of use reaches 90%. They have three subspecies, which differ from each other in efficiency and price. In terms of affordability, polycrystalline panels are considered the most affordable. Their main element is a crystal obtained by cooling molten silicon. The material is not the purest, its efficiency reaches 15%. Monocrystals are extremely pure silicon material, characterized by high efficiency (about 20%). Such panels have a considerable price. Amorphous modules are made of silicon hydride (SiH4), their greatest advantage – high performance in limited light conditions (rain, dusty air, twilight, fog).
  2. Film modules are coming into use gradually. They gain their position due to their flexibility and ease of use. These modules can even be cut with a knife, round uneven bases, they are thinner and weigh less. of the disadvantages only: less power, the high price of the product, exposure to weathering.


Deciding which solar panels are better from a wide range of models, the choice should be guided by the purpose of the panel.

  1. To create mini-electric power plants preference is given to powerful stationary modules with good protection against snow, rain, frost.
  2. To organize lighting in a camping trip or to recharge the batteries of gadgets (smartphones and tablets) requires mobile panels, which will be easy to transport. Their power is small, but they are affordable.

Quality of workmanship

To understand which solar panels are better, you should keep in mind that each panel is assigned a grade that demonstrates the quality of the assembly.

  • If the modules are marked Grade A, they should not have a single defect, so when buying remotely, without initially seeing the product, having received it with any minor defect, you can challenge the purchase.
  • The most common solar panels sold in the online store AlieXpress are labeled class B. This class allows for minor defects that do not affect the performance of the modules.
  • If the product is positioned as class C, then it may have chips, jagged edges, or cracks. This is permissible within this class.

So, mobile devices to convert the energy of the sun into the electric current can be used for:

  • charging cell phones and other devices;
  • power radios during hiking, fishing;
  • power navigation systems during expeditions;
  • lighting in the dark during hiking.

Main advantages

  • Acceptable efficiency and good reliability.
  • Environmentally friendly and the possibility to install the batteries in any location.
  • They can be used in conjunction with other networks.
  • You can buy solar panels for quite reasonable money.
  • Their installation does not require unnecessary communications.
  • The panels are independent of the central supply.

And here the most important thing, before buying solar panels to find out whether all conditions for their effective operation (efficiency up to 40%), namely:

  • It is necessary to calculate the number of sunny days per year because your investment will not pay off if the sun in your area is a rare guest.
  • Just need to specify the geographical latitude at which your home is located. The farther your house is from the єquator, the less power the sunlight will be.

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