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What are the best solar panels: 13 Top Popular Models

Goal Zero Boulder 100 Briefcase

This model is new in the range of solar panels. The creator is the American company Goal Zero.

The Boulder 100 Briefcase is a two-piece construction based on the Boulder 50 panels.

The panels are connected with the help of rotary loops, which allow you to fold them in half.

The size of this energy source is comparable with the size of a briefcase, so you can take it with you on the road, on a hike, or in the country. The manufacturer provides not only stationary but also temporary installation.

With special support, you can adjust the angle of inclination, providing devices with power up to 100 watts.

For the monocrystalline structure, lightness, compactness, ease of use, moisture resistance, high quality of assembly this solar panel is the winner of our rating. The only disadvantage is the high price.

Feron PS0303 150W

Solar panel Feron PS0303 is portable and created for charging car batteries, as well as batteries of laptops and smartphones, lighting devices.

The power supply provides consumers with electricity at up to 17.6 V and a power of 150 watts. The design is rigid, folding.

In working condition, it has a length of 1340 mm and a width of 780 mm. The model is equipped with PWM, which is a charge controller, with charge level indication. The glow is visible at a distance of 20 meters.

The attention of experts was drawn to the function of battery protection against overcharge, with subsequent overloading and short circuit.

Users are satisfied with the quality of the Russian solar panel, its compact size, and its low weight (15.1 kg).
ASKS high power; folding design; protective functions; reasonable price.

disadvantages: no batteries and controllers on sale.

Sunways FSM-200F 200 watt 24V

Flexible solar module Sunways FSM-200F belongs to the premium segment, ie ranking among the best solar panels, thanks to its high quality of manufacture.

And also due to the use of monocrystalline Grade A cells. They guarantee a long service life with consistently high performance.

The experts pointed out the following advantages of this model: 1. automatic soldering of monocrystals, double quality control, high efficiency (17.6%). 2. The Chinese manufacturer protects his product from flooding. To do this, the contact boxes are filled with a special sealant. 3. Potential buyers expect a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, the highest quality of assembly, lightness (4 kg).

The disadvantages are the high price and low resistance to mechanical damage.

AXI-Premium 290 W 24 V Mono

The AXI-Premium 290 Watt 24 V Mono high-efficiency photovoltaic panels consist of 60 monocrystalline cells.

This power source has Grade A quality, which allowed it to reach the top of the best solar panels.

Experts praised the long warranty period (12 years) of the German manufacturer and the high efficiency of the module (17.83%). Its front side is made of tempered fine-ribbed glass with a thickness of 3.2 mm. On the reverse side, a composite film is glued.

The aluminum frame ensures the reliability of the design. According to user reviews, we can conclude that the connectors, junction box, and moisture protection are of high quality.

The disadvantages include the high weight (18 kg), which limits the scope of application, and the high price.

SilaSolar (Double glass) 360 W

This model will qualitatively provide an autonomous power supply to a private home.

The SilaSolar (Double glass) 360 W is made of monocrystalline elements, which are placed between sheets of tempered glass.

It is this type of construction that allows unobstructed sunlight to enter the building. Experts have highlighted several advantages in the sample, for example, the panel does not require grounding, it has no metal frame.

The module hits our top of the best and for high efficiency (20%).

The Chinese manufacturer confirms the high quality (Grade A) with a 10-year warranty. Attract in this model as technical parameters and affordability of the solar module.

The deterrent to purchase is often a large weight of the panel (28 kg) batteries, controllers, and inverters.

ADDITIONAL VALUES: Transparent design; high efficiency; affordable price; 10-year warranty.

disadvantages: large weight; it is difficult to find additional equipment.

Delta BST 360-24 M

The most affordable price is sold on the domestic market Delta BST 360-24 M solar panel.

Experts explain the low cost by the use of advanced technology in production, rather than low quality.

One module consists of 36 mono- and polycrystalline photovoltaic cells. It is best to use a power source to provide power to equipment with an operating voltage of 250-750 V, as recommended by the manufacturer.

The declared efficiency of the PV module reaches 18.65%.

The module meets Grade A quality class because it is made of quality materials using innovative technology. Chinese manufacturer provides a 10-year warranty.

ADVANTAGES: low price; quality assembly; high efficiency; resistance to loads.

DECADES: large weight; short-lived crystals.


This collapsible panel is flexible to provide power to appliances away from civilization.

The DOKIO FFSP-320M is rated at 300 watts and has a maximum voltage rating of 18V.

The module consists of four parts, each of which in the unfolded position has a length of 2000 mm with a width of 500 mm. Given the small weight (7.1 kg), there will be no problems with the transportation of the panel. The quality of Chinese design is confirmed by the European certificate.

Experts note the reliable connection of monocrystalline photoelectric cells, as well as an aluminum frame, which gives the design durability.

Although this model is on the honorable prize in the ranking, at the moment there are not many real buyers of solar panels. The quality of the product does not cause criticism, the only thing that is not immediately clear to everyone is the size shown in the description.

DESIRES: quality workmanship; monocrystalline solar cells; compact size; lightweight.

RESTRICTIONS: high price.


Another affordable and compact solar panel model DOKIO is the FFSP-80W.

It folds in half, which makes it look like a bag with handles, like a laptop, which makes transportation convenient and safe.

Has a compact module size (550h500h5 mm), lightweight (3.2 kg). It is based on monocrystals, closed by tempered glass with aluminum framing.

The maximum power of the solar panel is limited to 80 W. The kit includes a controller for 12 and 24 V. Energy output is calculated for operation at an ambient temperature of -20 … +40 ° C. Experts have put this panel in the rating for its mobility and ease of use. Users themselves rave about the online store for prompt delivery, reliable packaging, and clear feedback.

The disadvantage is one – a small power module.

DESIGNIFICATIONS: compact size, lightweight, reasonable price, as well as the controller for 12 and 24 V.

DECADES: limited power.


The ECO-WORTHY L02P100-N-2 solar module is a 200W, two-part construction.

The dimensions of one panel are 975×665 mm. Polycrystalline photocells are responsible for converting sunlight into electricity.

They can operate in a wide temperature range (-40 … +80 ° C). In this model, experts note the effectiveness in low light + reliable design with aluminum framing.

Also, the manufacturer brings in the basic package extension cord and an additional pair of connectors MC4. A very good panel, worthy of second place.

So far there are few buyers of the solar module on Aliexpress, but the product boasts an average rating of 5 stars.


The BOGUANG 12001 solar module is suitable for charging 12-volt batteries. According to experts, it has the following advantages: flexibility, thinness (3 mm), the high-quality connection of monocrystalline photocells.

Works even in cloudy weather, generating energy with a voltage of 15 V. The module consists of two parts, each with a power of 100 watts.

The design of the connections with a moisture-proof layer, a bright LED indicating the degree of charging. More than 200 people have purchased solar panels BOGUANG 12001 on the site AliExpress.

Most customer reviews are positive, the order arrives quickly, rarely damaged in transit.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Affordable price; flexibility; small thickness; fast delivery.

DISABILITIES: real power is lower than declared.


Sold at the most attractive price in the Chinese online store. EPSOLAR BPS 32-100 can be ordered as a single 100W module or several panels.

The battery is created based on monocrystals, they convert the sun’s energy into electric current.

The manufacturer has developed a unique technology PECVD to produce dark blue silicon nitride. The use of screen printing gave precise dimensions.

The use of laser welding gave a reliable bonding of photocells. The front and back surfaces are made of the thinnest film.

With this design, the module becomes flexible and waterproof.

ADVANTAGES: advanced manufacturing technology; accurate dimensions; quality assembly; affordable price.

DESIRES: There have been cases of damage during transportation.

Delta SM 150-12 P

Polycrystalline battery with a rated power of 150 W and a voltage of 12 V. It consists of 36 photocells. The module is manufactured using cells of the first quality category (Grade A).

The panel is oriented to collect diffused solar energy even in cloudy weather and cold season. The wide temperature operating range extends from -40°C to +85°C. Its standard operating temperature without loss of power is +47°C. The temperature power factor is -0.45%. The photovoltaic conversion efficiency of 17,12%.

The warranty period of operation – 10 years. Country of manufacture – China.

TO PRAY 100 watt 12V

Monocrystalline flexible silicon solar panel.

It has a voltage of 12 V and a power of 100 W. The battery consists of 32 cells. Photovoltaic cells are of Grade A quality. The conversion efficiency can reach over 20%.

Just like the previous model, the temperature conditions are from -40 to +85 ° C. If the solar panel is properly operated, its lifetime will be up to 20 years. Country – manufacturer – China.

DESCRIPTION: thin and lightweight, effectively converts the direct radiation of the Sun, works effectively in the cold.

Disadvantages: applicable only for direct radiation.


Given the fact that the use of solar panels, powered by the sun in our country at the domestic level has not yet become customary, then to choose the best solar panel needs to know the list of the most important parameters.

Asking the question of what are the best solar panels, you should pay special attention to the manufacturer, the area of application, voltage, quality of photovoltaic cells, power, lifetime, additional parameters.

So, having studied all the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy systems, you can find the best option for the purpose you need.


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